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This idea really came from a struggle with a paper lawn bag!

On a lateAugust evening about two years ago we were out piddling in the yard straightening up here and there. We had used our cardboard boxes rather than paper bags occasionally but only when we run out of the bags. I was standing in the middle of the driveway stacking sticks and sweeping clippings into the box thinking how easy this is, when the thought hit me. Why aren't we making a cardboard box to do this all the time, instead of just only when we run out of bags? Seems reasonable and likely since I own a company that designs and sells products made from cardboard.

That epiphany began a two year journey of revisions and tests, to make the best possible product. We used the product over and over with friends and family. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that has taken two years to go from idea to market. And knowing that the journey is far from over makes it even more interesting. I intend to use this blog to give out information that I deem important in the use and reuse of our product, the Lawn Leaf Box. In the next short entry I will tell about some of the things that happened along the way, what I learned during the development of our product. Hint: Think composting...

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